13 Genius Under-the-Sink Organizing Ideas to Maximize Your Storage

Ready to get spring cleaning?! Get started with these easy and inexpensive under-the-sink organizing ideas today!

Under sink organizing ideas

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If you’re anything like me, the cabinet underneath your sink can become a mess of cleaning products, tools, sponges, and whatever else happens to be thrown down there during the day. 

That’s why I turned to these under-the-sink organizational tips! I found some ways to not only keep things easy to find but maximize the space I have underneath my sink. Not to mention, there are always ways to make organization cute and fun! Here are some of my favorite tips for organizing underneath your sink! 

How do I organize the space under my sink?

When looking for ways to organize underneath my sink, I immediately turned to Pinterest. Pinterest has wonderful and unique ideas to make that space organized and clean! As I scoured Pinterest, I found ideas that made the most sense for my kitchen and bathroom. I took mental stock of the cleaning supplies and different items I need to keep down there and molded a few ideas together to create a plan. 

Once I had an idea of what I was looking for, it was time to find supplies. Of course, the dollar store is a wonderful place to find containers and baskets for organizing. However, if you’re looking for sink organizers specifically, The Container Store might be the place for you! Target and Walmart’s bathroom and kitchen sections also tend to have similar items to maximize sink space.

I linked some really great options at the bottom of this post for you to shop!

Even if you don’t have much space underneath your sink, these ideas should help you keep everything you need in one place! 

What should go under your sink?

What goes underneath your sink is up to you! It’s always been a habit for me to store cleaning supplies underneath the sink, however, as you maximize your space, you can always find more use for it!

I like to use the space for extra spray bottles, scrub brushes, and all-purpose spray too! I also found it nice to keep dish soap, hand soap, and paper towels underneath the sink so that it is easy to find as soon as they run out. You can also use the space for garbage bags and microfiber cloths.

If you’re working to organize your bathroom sink, you can use the space for bathroom cleaning supplies, spray bottles, and everyday items like Q-tips and cotton swabs! As you organize the cabinet, you may find a good space for your curling iron or other hair supplies!

DIY under kitchen sink storage ideas

As I looked through Pinterest to find organizational ideas, I found these 12 gems! Each of these ideas are a great way to keep everything organized and make it easy to reach! Most of these ideas could be executed with supplies from the dollar store and amazon. Perfect for this mama on a budget!

13 Under the sink organizing ideas for your home

1. Lazy Susan

lazy susan organization

A Lazy Susan is a perfect tool for making everything reachable! You don’t need everything at the forefront of the cabinet, but you do want to find it easily. Stacey from The Soccer Mom Blog used a Lazy Susan for her under-sink storage, and it worked out perfectly! 

2. Tension rod

tension rod storage

Have a bunch of spray bottles you don’t know what to do with? Try a tension rod! Place a small tension rod underneath your sink, and it is the perfect place to hang your spray bottles. This example shows how much floor space it saves, and how easy it is to see what you need! 

3. Shelf liners

organizing around a garbage disposal

As I mentioned, you can always find a way to make organization cute! This example shows how you can use shelf liners to spruce up your cabinet and add a bit of color or a pattern. This also protects the inside of your cabinet from any leaks or spills! 

4. Glass jars

glass jar organization

Oftentimes, the original container that products come in are bulky and aren’t as functional as they could be. Glass jars and containers can hold the products you need, keep them organized, and make them easy to reach. Plus, you always know when you’re running out of something, so you can add it to the shopping list! The first example shows how you can use glass jars in a bathroom cabinet. The second example shows how you can keep dishwasher pods under the kitchen sink! 

5. Command hooks

command hook organization

I will never not be a proponent of command hooks! Command hooks can be used everywhere in your house, and they’re safe for your walls and doors! They’re also a great way to store things on the inside of the cabinet door. This is a great example of hanging up scrub brushes and microfiber cloths inside the cabinet dor. That way, when you need a scrub brush, you don’t even have to bend down and search the cabinet – you can just open the door and grab what you need! 

6. Plastic bins

clear storage baskets

Clear plastic bins are a very accessible organizational tool! You can usually find them at the dollar store, or on Amazon! These plastic bins help keep like-things together, and it helps you see everything at once!

7. Storage units

under sink pull out storage

As I mentioned, you can go on the hunt for sink organizers ready-to-go at places like Target, Walmart, and the container store! Laura from Inspiration for Moms took her sink cabinet and turned it into a well-organized space! She used a sliding organizer to make everything easy to reach. 

8. Door organizers

cabinet door shelves

If you weren’t a fan of the command hook method, there is also the door organizer method. This shows how you can add more shelf space to your cabinet This method makes it easy to both grabs what you need and put it away without hanging it on a hook! 

9. Pull-out drawers

under sink storage drawers

You can also use pull-out drawer storage units! These are perfect if you don’t have much space to work with. You can keep everything organized, without using a ton of floor space. Plus, you can label each drawer so that you know where everything is! 

10. Inside of your cabinet door

door clips

You can see below how there are even more ways to organize the inside of your cabinet door. This example used a clip to store gloves, and a hook to hold fly swatters. 

11. Small baskets

The same example above also shows how to use small baskets to your advantage! Group everything you need into different baskets, and use a little shelf tower to use as much space as you can! 

12. Sink caddy

shower caddy storage

Shower caddies aren’t just for showering – they also help with organization! Use a caddy to store your cleaning supplies, washcloths, scrub brushes and whatever else you need! Then, you can simply reach down, and pull the whole caddy out, so you can find what you need with ease! Joy from Joyfully Treasured shared how she made the most of the space underneath her sink with this shower caddy! She even used baskets for easy-to-reach towels! 

13. DIY Recycling System

DIY recycling center

Here’s one last tip that I thought was genius, especially if you don’t have a garbage disposal! Toni from Girl, Just DIY made her own trash/recycle system underneath her sink! She labeled them herself and made them easy to use and replace the bag when you need it! This makes it especially easy to throw food away when you don’t have a garbage disposal, but it’s difficult to take unwanted food across the kitchen! 

I hope I was able to provide some inspiration to organize underneath your own sink and come up with a system that works best for you! If kiddo’s toys are causing you a headache, then you may want to check out this post here to help you manage the clutter and chaos!

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