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WELCOME TO the lived-in look

Where Your Dream Home is Possible!

At The Lived-in Look, I believe that the spaces in our homes have the power to transform our moods and feed our creative minds.

My let’s figure it out approach to remodeling teaches you that anything is possible if you’re willing to learn. And you can create a beautiful home on a budget!

I’m on a mission to renovate home number 3, and at 6 years in to that project I’ve learned something important. Our homes are ever evolving. They adapt to our lifestyles and needs at whatever stage of life we might be in. I want to prove that you can have a beautiful home with messy children.

With a large family, there’s not always a budget for full-scale renovations. But through carefully thought out plans, and a lot of self-determination, it’s possible to create a home you’ll truly love for years to come.

Through my practical approach to home design and embracing the messy middle of learning to DIY, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever big project you can dream up.

But The Lived-in Look is more than just projects. It’s a gathering place for like-minded decor enthusiasts. Join my community and connect with fellow design lovers, share your home makeovers and seek inspiration for your next DIY masterpiece.