The Best Ways to Style Cutting Boards in the Kitchen

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to add some style to your kitchen, consider tapping into the trend of bringing cutting boards out from behind closed kitchen cabinets and incorporating them into your overall decor.

And wooden boards are where it’s at! Not only is a wooden cutting board timelessly charming with its natural patina, it’s also more hygienic for food prep and easier on a knife blade than plastic cutting boards.

how to style cutting boards in the kitchen

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And specialized wood treatments also make wood boards the most durable upgrade from their plastic counterparts.

Having a pretty cutting board that works as hard as you do in the kitchen adds an extra touch of calming ambiance, so why wouldn’t you want one?

Whether you go for classic wood or get creative with a personalized monogrammed one, wooden cutting boards are a great way to add a beautiful natural material into your space.

Styling up cutting boards can add a ton of warmth, color and texture that will truly transform any kitchen. From adding seasonal arrangements on top to hanging a collection of boards on the side of the island or even utilizing an individual board as wall art – there are many stylish ways to feature these handy tools in kitchens of all sizes!

Keep reading for our favorite ways on how best to style cutting boards in your own home.

How do you make cutting boards look nice?

You don’t need to be a professional chef to have a reason to create a beautiful display of cutting boards in your kitchen. And many of these unique ideas will work in kitchens of all different sizes.

Wall Art

Suzy from Worthing Court created a simple layered look on her kitchen wall using three decorative cutting boards topped with a boxwood wreath for contrast.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

Megan from Callendar Home has the most stunning wall art display of functional decor in her kitchen. The wall is a great place to store your cutting boards for easy access. You can choose to hang them with simple twine or even leather straps for an added touch of warmth.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

The Kitchen Counter

Even if you’re short on counter space, the simple act of placing cutting boards on their side instantly frees up your counters and creates perfect contrast when paired against the sometimes cool appearance of natural stone countertops.

You can take a note from Stephanie at Gathered in the Kitchen by storing your wood cutting board next to the sink for easy meal prep and access.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

I love how Sonja and Jane, from Sustain My Craft Habit, use their charcuterie board to style up their counters. It’s perfect for entertaining and when larger boards like these can be a bit difficult to easily store away.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have those awkward corners on your counters where everything falls into a void then this could be a great solution for you!

Chelsea, from Making Manzanita, chose to use boards to stack in this empty corner space to warm up her white subway tile backsplash and provide the perfect accompaniment to her natural wood cabinetry.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

Lora from Craftivity Designs shows you how to warm up an all white kitchen by displaying different types of wood throughout the space. Here, the countertop is the perfect option for displaying cutting boards when maximizing small spaces is a must.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

I love a good decorative prep station on the kitchen counter. Even more so when it’s aesthetically pleasing like Melanie’s from Lost and Found Decor.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

She has the prettiest coffee and meal prep station styled on her counter with a wooden butcher block cutting board as the backdrop.

On a Lower Cabinet

I love the idea of using lower cabinetry for functional kitchen decor. Making Manzanita took full advantage of the end of their kitchen island by displaying a simple round wood board with other wood elements with her cooking utensils for easy access.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

Behind the Stove

I absolutely love this idea for so many reasons! First, it’s often such a wasted space if you have drop in cooktops that are integrated into your countertops.

And second, I always find myself reaching for cutting boards when cooking dishes that require me to transfer meat for slicing once it’s been prepared. Which, now that I think about it, seems to be more often now that I’m channeling my inner chef with our new meal delivery service.

Olivia from The Collins Collective always has her kitchen styling on point. She displayed her combination wood and marble boards for a classic combination in her new kitchen.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

Did I mention that adding cutting boards behind your stovetop also helps to protect your backsplash from those inevitable grease splatters when cooking?

You’re welcome for the lazy girl kitchen cleaning hack. But really! Having a set of decorative wood board sets behind the stove is a great idea to protect porous materials. I know my honed marble backsplash appreciate this.

Do you know the difference between honed and polished marble? Find out which one is best for your project!

Kelli, from Emma Grace Blog, agrees too. She stacked her wooden cutting boards behind her gas cooktop for a pop of warmth against her beautiful white subway tile backsplash.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

I’ve always loved Emily’s style from Styled Mi Casa. Her mix of vintage finds in a new build adds so much character and warmth to the kitchen.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

Open Shelving Kitchen Designs

I think we can all agree that styling open shelving in kitchens can be downright overwhelming at times. There are so many options for functional decor in these spaces, but how do you know what to add? Especially if they tend to be high up on the walls?

Adding cutting boards in different shapes to your open shelving allows you to balance out the blank space on the walls and store away these cooking essentials when you’re short on counter and cabinet space.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

I love how Heather, from The Heathered Nest, tied in her cutting board display with the gorgeous wood tones in her ceiling beams and kitchen floor.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

Ann from Dabbling and Decorating knew exactly how to maximize every square inch of her kitchen decor. We’re loving her stunning display of vintage cutting boards on the top shelf of her kitchen.

how to display cutting boards in the kitchen

How do you make a cutting board look nice

From mixing and matching different materials to using decorations to spruce up your cutting boards, styling them has become an easily achievable goal!

Utilizing elements such as a bit of greenery or natural accents in the kitchen can be the perfect choice to add a bit of texture into your space.

You can also use unique or vintage pieces from thrift stores that will make you smile each time you use them. Finally, try blending styles together if you’re into eclectic design. These kitchen styling tips are simply the beginning; dive deep into any of them on your own!

Where to Shop for Cutting Boards

Looking to find the perfect cutting board for your kitchen? Wood boards are always a timeless classic and can be found at most home goods, gourmet cooking, or woodworking stores.

Below are some of my favorite finds, but for something a bit more unique, consider vintage wood boards.

You may get lucky and come across one at a thrift store or flea market near you. Sometimes all you need is to give an old board some TLC to revive its beauty and make it just as functional as ever.

If you’d like additional ideas and inspiration while renovating your kitchen space, be sure to follow me on Instagram for more tips and tricks on how to design and decorate – cut down the stress with beautiful items placed thoughtfully throughout without breaking the bank.

Go forth, style your cutting boards and take joy in your newly transformed cooking spaces – happy designing!

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