11 Easy Ways to Update Your Home with Paint

Get inspired by a simple coat to easily update your home with paint

11 Easy Ways to Update Your Home with Paint

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I’ve been on a bit of paint kick lately, and for a pretty good reason. There are a lot of outdated areas in our home that need a good sprucing up, but with job changes and the recent pandemic, I’m trying to really dial it back with the spending.

And the best budget DIY to update your home with the biggest impact is paint!

If you haven’t checked out how I transformed our master bathroom with just paint, then go. You won’t be disappointed. It’s spurred all kinds of new ideas to finish off that room on a budget.

Plus, I got to team up with some very awesome bloggers to bring together some pretty creative DIYs for you to update your own space with paint.

So grab a can and a brush and dive in! Don’t be scared, it’s only paint. And if I’ve learned anything from my past mistakes it’s that this is one of the easiest ones to fix if you make a one.

Simple Ideas to Update Your Home With Paint

Paint Your Concrete Floor

11 Easy Ways to Update Your Home with Paint

Megan from Two Feet First shows you how you can easily make over your old and worn concrete floor with a little bit of elbow grease and paint. I’m blown away by this transformation and super excited to give this DIY a try on our own dirty garage floors this summer.

Paint an old Dining Room Hutch

11 Easy Ways to Update Your Home with Paint

Stephanie from Gathered in The Kitchen made over this gorgeous antique hutch in her dining room using Chalk Paint! If you’ve never dove into the world of chalk painting, it’s a beginner DIYer’s dream. And Stephanie shares all her best tips for getting started.

Paint a set of Cane Back Dining Chairs

11 Easy Ways to Update Your Home with Paint

Lindsey from Repurpose and Upcycle shows you how to breathe some life into those older cane back style dining chairs you see all over thrift stores and antique shops. It’s amazing how a simple coat of paint can make your dining room chairs feel instantly more modern.

Paint a set of Bamboo Chairs

11 Easy Ways to Update Your Home with Paint

Jenn & Vicki from Two Bees in a Pod show you another quick and easy DIY dining chair with some gorgeous bamboo chairs. These girls used a simple can of spray paint and an easy reupholster technique to transform their chairs into a designer piece.

Make Your Own Custom Wall Decals With Spray Paint

11 Easy Ways to Update Your Home with Paint

Rebecca from Hello Central Avenue is always coming up with creative ideas on a budget to transform a space, and her son’s room is no expectation. Check out how she made her own custom wall decals using tape and spray paint for a fun and easy accent wall.

Paint over an upholstered piece of Furniture

11 Easy Ways to Update Your Home with Paint

Lia from Southern Yankee DIY shows you exactly what not to do when painting upholstery. And since I’m all about learning from my own mistakes I can’t wait to dive into her tutorial to see how she made over this awesome chair.

Make over an old End Table

11 Easy Ways to Update Your Home with Paint

I have a soft spot for picking up old end tables to update, and Christina from The Frugal Homemaker shows you exactly what to do to get this beautiful two-toned look with milk paint and stain.

Update Your Front Door

11 Easy Ways to Update Your Home with Paint

Libbie from A Life Unfolding shares her best tips for making over an old front door with Paint. See how she gave her home instant curb appeal all while never having to remove her door from its hinges!

Black Interior Doors

I couldn’t believe how this simple DIY instantly made our bathroom feel more expensive last month. Check out all the details on the perfect black color for interior doors and me best paint techniques for a professional finish.

Painted Buffalo Check Floor

11 Easy Ways to Update Your Home with Paint

Sherry from Savvy Apron spills all the secrets on how she painted over her old tiled laundry room floor to achieve this beautiful buffalo check pattern. I’m amazed at this transformation and itching to give our tiled floors a makeover with paint.

Make over an Old Mirror

11 Easy Ways to Update Your Home with Paint

If you’re anything of a mirror hoarder like me, then you probably have an older style mirror lying around that could use a fresh coat of paint. Rebecca from Zucchini Sisters shows you how to breathe life into an old gold mirror with this easy chalk paint tutorial.

Happy Homemaking friends! I hope this post gave you some great ideas to get started updating your home with paint! I’d love to know what you’re DIYing in your own space so tag me on Instagram @Thelivedinlook.


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