5 Simple Steps to Create a Gorgeous Spring Porch

Learn how to decorate a front porch for spring with these 5 essential tips to create the perfect warm weather outdoor space for your home.

spring porch

I’ve always dreamed of owning a home with a big beautiful front porch. The old soul in me would envision sitting in my rocking chair, watching the sun go down and sipping on some sweet tea, or wine depending on my kids’ behavior that day (no judging).

So of course I was naturally drawn to this one important feature when we were house hunting last winter. I mean, just look at this porch! So much potential right?!

spring porch

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Sadly, it went untouched for the past year while we focused on updating some of the spaces inside the house. So at the first hint of warm weather I jumped at the opportunity to give this area a nice refresh for Spring.

It can be really challenging to figure out exactly what to do with a blank space. If you’re anything like me, you can easily get caught up in all the gorgeous inspiration photos. Before you know it, you’ve wasted an hour on Pinterest and you’re still completely clueless on where to start. This is a trap I would fall into again and again.

spring porch

So how do you get started decorating the front of your house for Spring?

First, a huge part really depends on the amount of space you have to work with. Not everyone has a large front porch, in fact a lot of people might only have a small stoop area. But I think there are 5 key steps you can take for decorating your porch for spring.

1. Figure out the function for your new spring porch

Now, before you run off to Homegoods, or get lost for hours in the aisles of At Home, you need to figure out how you want the space to function.

Remember what I just said about the amount of space you have to work with? That’s because it doesn’t do you any good to go buy a ton of planters and all the cute springtime décor if you don’t have enough room for it.

You don’t need ALL the things. Start by asking yourself a few questions as a guideline to get a some ideas flowing.

Think about it

  • Will you need small front porch ideas? Or large covered front porch ideas?
  • Do you want to be able to sit? Or swing? Or heck, both?!
  • What do you want to use your porch for? To welcome guests? To entertain? Or just to relax?

For me, it’s all about relaxing.

I needed my own little spot where I could unwind after work, feel the warm sun and sip on some tea while my kiddos played sidewalk chalk. Hopefully for more than 2 minutes before a fight breaks out because one toddler took the other’s favorite color. But you get the idea. 

I opted for a pair of these classic black rocking chairs from Home Depot. They’re super affordable at only $97 and hold up really well throughout the seasons, but I would recommend covering or storing them during harsh weather conditions.

spring porch

I’ve linked some similar options below, but rocking chairs are so widely available in practically any color and style so let yourself get creative with color if that’s your jam.

The other thing I needed was a small table to hold drinks or a book while I’m rocking away. One of my favorite front porch table ideas is to use simple garden stools for their versatility. I eventually settled on this gorgeous garden stool, and it’s been perfect year round.

spring porch

Our home sits on a hill and I’ve seen how the wind can take out anything in its path. So I knew I needed something a little heavier to stay weighted. I loved the simple rope pattern in this stool, it gives a nod to nautical which is great if you’re into themed spaces.

2. Speaking of themes….Get some inspiration for your spring porch decor!

Now I know what you’re thinking. “But that’s the part I’m having trouble with!” It’s really easier than you think. Just stop overthinking it. Chances are, you’ve already got some great inspiration.

I usually find my best ideas when I’m not looking for them. So go about your day, do what you enjoy on a weekend. Maybe it’s going for a run in the park, maybe it’s shopping for clothes. And I guarantee you something will catch your eye, so pay attention.

It could be getting excited over the color of a beautiful shirt or flowers. Then again, it could be the calming vibe you get while having a brunch at a local café. Just go with it. Now that you have some inspiration, create your own look rather than trying to copy a perfectly styled Instagram photo.

For me, a random shopping trip to Kirklands did the trick. I spotted these adorable buffalo check pillows and it was game over.

spring porch

I loved the simple black and white colors and how classic the combo looked together. And that was it, I was on a mission after that for a black and white color scheme. *For some reason these pillows are showing very expensive right now, so I’m linking these budget friendly finds below, because you know, I’m thrifty like that.

3. Anchor it down with these front porch rug ideas

Ever notice how you can totally transform the look of a room by adding a really cool area rug? Well the same concept goes for outdoor living spaces. Take your theme and find the perfect outdoor rug to really anchor the space down and make it a focal point. A rug is a great way to experiment with colors and patterns.

 Speaking of patterns, don’t be afraid to mix and match them like I did for my monochromatic look here. Isn’t this striped rug gorgeous?!

It’s not just about the looks either. I’m a Kentucky girl, so I Iove nothing more than barefoot summers, and this was a perfect way to feel cozy even when I’m outdoors.

But if you really don’t have that much space then get creative with a fun doormat. While you’re at it, layer a cute patterned rug underneath to add some texture and color.

spring porch

Side note, my 13 year old told me that I was inviting burglars into our home with the saying on our welcome mat. I mean, he isn’t wrong. All I could do was laugh though. There’s something about a teenager’s thought process that is downright entertaining….it’s like they know everything.

4. Have some fun with spring outdoor décor!

This is where you can add in the fun touches now that you have a theme. I’m really a less is more kinda girl. I absolutely can’t stand clutter so I tend to go for really minimalist decor and focus on statement pieces instead.

 I opted to add just a few touches, like my buffalo check pillows, throw blanket and lanterns.

If you really want to add some curb appeal don’t forget about some gorgeous planter ideas for your front porch! We don’t have a lot of color in our landscaping so when I fell in love with these classic plantation planters I knew I needed to add in a pop of color to the porch.

Now, admittedly I have a black thumb and am notorious for letting my plants dry out and die. So when I spotted this cute black watering pitcher I figured it might help encourage me to keep my plant babies alive. I guess we’ll see if they make it through spring.

spring porch

5. Don’t forget about your spring front Door decor!

We were lucky enough that the previous owners installed a gorgeous faux wood door on our house. It really didn’t need much to dress it up, so a simple cute magnolia wreath that I had lying around did the trick.

spring porch

If you’re feeling really adventurous though, go for a splash of color and use some paint to make a statement! It might seem overwhelming, but doors are so incredibly easy to paint and a quick DIY project to freshen up the front of your house. My current go to is a bold black front door!

Maybe you don’t have a large front porch, but you do have a great patio in your backyard. These same steps apply to any outdoor living space. I hope this helps give you a starting place to create your own cozy outdoor area. Have fun and get creative! Tag me @thelivedinlook on Instagram with your own porches or patios all spruced up!

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