12 Budget-Friendly Christmas Trees for Your Holiday Décor

It’s that time of year to pull your Christmas tree out of storage and start decking the halls. This is also that time of year where you might discover your Christmas tree has seen better days. So it might be time to upgrade or replace your tree with something newer.

Personally, I’d much rather spend money on gifts for others this season than replace my tree. Which is why I’m rounding up my finds of this year’s budget-friendly Christmas trees for your Holiday home.

budget friendly christmas trees

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budget-friendly Slim Pencil Christmas Trees

I’ve always wanted a cute little pencil tree to tuck in the corner of a dining room or office. And since I don’t have a home office, I took advantage of the space in my dining room and snatched up the perfect pencil tree to add some Holiday flair.

Tree #2 was on sale a few weeks ago for 60% off at Michaels craft store and I couldn’t pass up the great deal. You can check out my Thanksgiving decor post to see how it looks decorated, but I had no complaints about the fullness or quality of this tree.

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My slim pencil tree all decked out for Thanksgiving

Tree #3, also from Michaels, was the perfect flocked option and about double the cost of my tree. Lucky for my wallet it was out of stock in-store or I probably would’ve taken it home. There’s just something so magical about a snowy flocked Christmas tree.

Tree #1 was the cheapest of the three pencil trees at $49.99 and still a beautiful option, but I really liked the variation in color of the tree I chose. All three are some of the most beautiful and inexpensive pencil Christmas trees I’ve come across this season.

Tree #4 is the fullest option of all the pencil trees I’ve listed and comes with more lights. It’s still relatively inexpensive running about $120 at Home Depot currently.

budget friendly christmas trees

budget-friendly traditional Christmas Trees

What I love about these trees, is that every single one, is under $200! That is a pretty terrific deal for a traditional sized pre-lit Christmas tree.

We moved our 7 1/2 foot Christmas tree into our foyer this holiday season, but I have my heart set on a  beautiful flocked version for my own bedroom one day.

Tree #6 is a gorgeous budget-friendly flocked Christmas tree, and if my bedroom were even remotely decorated from our move last year I would probably jump all over this amazon find right now. I’m also loving #7 at only $199.

Tree #5 is a great bargain for a standard pre-lit Christmas tree from Amazon as well. If I felt like replacing our burn-out foyer tree, I’d likely order this one, but I took the frugal route and threw up some spare lights and called it a day.

Tree #8 is also a great option for a traditional green tree and almost 50% off right now at Michaels.

But can we just stop for a minute though and take in the gorgeousness that is tree #7?! It’s so realistic it’s almost magical. I feel like this tree could’ve been cut down from a snowy forest. And at less than $250 it’s a beautiful budget-friendly option for a more realistic looking Christmas tree.

At Home doesn’t have an e-commerce site to order from, but if you live near a store you can check out this gorgeous tree along with their massive selection in their “indoor faux tree farm” as I like to refer to it. My kids think it’s the most magical thing to walk through. Well, that, and the inflatable zoo, but I forbid those things to enter my yard. I’m kind of an outdoor décor snob like that.

budget-friendly Tall Christmas Trees

If you have a home with tall ceilings, then you probably have some idea of just how expensive Christmas trees can be the taller you go in size. I really struggled last year to find a budget-friendly option for our 2 story living room.

In the end, we inherited my mother-in-law’s tree for this year, and I’m excited to see how it looks. I had more luck this year getting an early start on my search and found some terrific budget-friendly options for tall Christmas trees for you.

budget friendly christmas trees

Once you go above 9 feet high, the prices can get pretty steep. I found 4 great trees that were all 9 feet in height and great deals in the $300 -$350 price range. #9 was an amazing value from Target at just $249. I think it’s a good budget-friendly tall Christmas tree for any home. 

But #11 was a pleasant surprise from Amazon at the same price. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to emphasize anymore how much I love these snow-covered trees. #10 from Target is a great option and a well-constructed tree for the price and #12 is very similar.

What I love most about this last tree though is that you can alternate between colored or white lights depending on your Christmas theme.

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budget friendly christmas trees

That’s it for my round-up of budget-friendly Christmas tree options this season. I hope it was helpful, and I’d love to know what your favorite style is! Traditional or flocked? If this post was helpful, could you do me a favor and share it to Facebook or Pinterest, because I’d love to get out there and help more people with their homes this holiday season.

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