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How to Flock a Christmas Tree (The easy Way)

Learn how to flock your own Christmas tree this holiday season for a beautiful snowy and frosted look with this easy step-by-step tutorial and bonus tips!

how to flock a christmas tree

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I’ve always admired the gorgeous snow flocked Christmas trees all over Pinterest, but I couldn’t bring myself to trade-up a perfectly good tree just because I wanted a new a look this season. I’d heard great things about Flock in a Box and decided I was brave enough to finally give it a try. And boy am I so glad that I did! For under $30 I was able to completely transform my plain green Christmas tree into something out of a winter wonderland (permanently too)!

This easy Christmas DIY is part of my Thrifty Thursday Series where I team up with some lovely DIY bloggers to bring you ideas to make more of your home for less this holiday season. Be sure to check out the other projects at the end of this post!

how to flock a christmas tree
Our Christmas tree BEFORE
how to flock a christmas tree

I had a ton of questions myself about this process so I wanted to share them with you, along with some tips and tricks I learned to make it a little easier for you. So let’s dive into some quick Q&A’s before we start this easy transformation!

What is a flocked christmas tree?

If you’ve never heard the fancy term “flocked” before, all it really means is covered with a powdery white material. The flock gives any tree that beautiful and fluffy snow covered look.

what is christmas tree flocking made of?

The tree flocking I used is made up of small cellulose paper fibers that contain a self adhesive and flame retardant. Making it both permanent and safe for home use. I would recommend keeping pets and small children away from the flocking material until it’s had a chance to fully set and dry. I couldn’t find any details online as to whether this particular brand was non-toxic, but I do know that some of the other snow flocks are clearly labeled as safe for pets and kids.

are flocked christmas trees messy?

In short, yes. But, if you do it right, the only messy part is the application. And your tree should stay permanently snow covered for years to come.

WHere to buy flocking powder?

I ordered our snow flock powder on Amazon, which is now sold out in the 2.5 lb box, but I’ve rounded up some similar alternatives below that will work just fine for your DIY flocked Christmas tree.

how do you flock a christmas tree?

I’m really excited to share this process with you, mainly because it’s so ridiculously easy and I know you’ll love it, but also because I made a few mistakes that I don’t want you to repeat. Trust me, you’ll want to read these. The instructions on the package are so simple that they leave out some very important details that will affect how your DIY flocked tree turns out. So are you ready?!

Step 1: Gather your flocking supplies

You really only need a few things to complete this project: a large spray bottle filled with water, a sifting strainer and an outdoor space on a non-windy day if possible. I would not recommend trying this project indoors, it’s entirely too messy and the fine powder will end up everywhere.

STEP 2: Set up and fluff your tree

how to flock a christmas tree
Our tree BEFORE fluffing

Make sure you take the time to fully separate and fluff all of the branches on your artificial tree. Not only will this make your tree appear fuller, but it’ll also expose the most branches for maximum snow coverage.

how to flock a christmas tree
Our tree AFTER fluffing

STEP 3: Work in small sections

I really wish I would have known this tip from the beginning. The instructions for applying the snow flock powder simply state that you spray the tree with water and then apply the powder. Simple enough right? Wrong! The flock adhesive is activated by water so it’s not enough to spray your whole tree down and then apply the flock. Most of the water will have dried or evaporated by then. So plan to work through the entire flocking process once small section at a time.

STEP 4: Spray with water

Working in a 12″ section spray enough water on your tree to fully coat your branches, making sure to spray not only the outer branch tips, but inside the tree branches as well.

how to flock a christmas tree

STEP 5: Sift your snow flock

There was definitely a learning curve to this step. And hopefully by sharing it with you, you won’t end up with a face full of fake snow powder like I did. You’re welcome.

Just as how you applied your water to your tree working through both the outer and inner branches, you’ll want to do the same when sifting on your snow. Fill your sifter roughly half full of powder and work from the inner section of the branches outward gently shaking your sifter to dispense the snow. You can shake it as gently or as heavily as you’d like depending on how much snow you want to cover the branches.

how to flock a christmas tree

*Helpful tip: Use your hands to apply a little extra flock on the branch tips for a realistic clump of snow.

how to flock a christmas tree

STEP 6: Seal your tree

Sealing the white flocking powder is crucial to making sure it remains adhered to your Christmas tree. I learned this the hard way when I went to bring my tree indoors and left a nice powdery white trail all through my house. Just like when you prepared the branches for the snow you want to make sure you saturate them with enough water to seal them. You’ll know you’ve done this right when your snowy clumps have dried and hardened and you can give your tree a good shake without powder flying off everywhere.

Once you’ve sealed your tree and allowed it to fully dry you can bring it inside. Although I’d still recommend letting it sit for a day before you attempt to decorate it. Just to make sure all the flocking powder has had a chance to settle and dry.

how to flock a christmas tree

I’m in love with the new snowy look of our Christmas tree! I could almost leave it undecorated. And if you want to see how we trimmed out this tree last year you can check out that post here.

how to flock a christmas tree
how to flock a christmas tree
how to flock a christmas tree
how to flock a christmas tree
how to flock a christmas tree

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    1. Hi Nancy! I actually didn’t protect the lights and the instructions said they wouldn’t be damaged. I’ve had no issues with them though.

  1. This turned out great! I didn’t realize that DIY flocking was a thing until this year. Hmmmm! Now I need to explore my home and see what I can flock (probably won’t do my tree, but maybe some pine garland for next year) Love this tutorial!

  2. Your flocking turned out so good! I wouldn’t have thought to try a DIY flocking kit. I didn’t even realize thes were a thing. And it’s not a really involved process to tranform your tree. Thanks for sharing! How long would you say it took you to cover your tree?

    1. Thanks so much Sara! I actually don’t think I mentioned how long it took me so thanks for the reminder, I’ll have to add that it in. It was roughly about an hour in total

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