30 Patio Furniture Ideas on a Budget (Your Guide to the Best Affordable Patio Furniture)

Your outdoor living space can be just as important as your indoor living space, so I’m rounding up some of the best patio furniture ideas on a budget this summer!  The weather is warming up, and its time to start considering a porch or patio revamp!

However, as important as furnishing your outdoor living space is, it can be hard to find affordable options. But, you can still create beautiful outdoor area on a budget!

30 Patio Furniture Ideas on a Budget

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To help find the best deals, and hopefully spark some inspiration, I found 30 patio furniture ideas that you can browse if you’re online shopping on a budget! 

What time of year is patio furniture the cheapest?

Much like when you go shopping for clothes, patio furniture will be the cheapest at the end of the season. Just like stores put winter coats and sweaters on clearance at the end of winter,  you can expect the best deals on patio furniture around the end of summertime.

Because of this, it’s best to start planning ahead on how you want to set up your patio. It is a great idea to find deals on new furniture now, so you will be all set by the time the next season rolls around.

And here’s a little lesser known industry secret…patio furniture pieces don’t tend to change up the trends all that often. So the good news is, that even if you fell in love with an out of stock item, there’s a good chance it’ll be back next season. So keep your eyes peeled!

New Patio Furniture for Your Outdoor Living Space

Now, let’s go through some of my favorite affordable ways to create an outdoor space on a budget!

Fire Pit Options

Fire pits are great to spend nights talking with friends and family, making smores, while sharing warmth and laughter. They also help spend time in your outdoor space a bit longer as the weather gets cooler, as you can spend chilly nights next to the warm glow of the fire! 

Here are some of the best deals I’ve found for firepits. I tried to cover a variety of price ranges and remember, they should be even cheaper by the time the end of the season rolls around.

Fire Pit Bowl with Mesh Cover 

22in Fire Pit Bowl w/ Mesh Cover & Poker $42.99

Classy Fire Pit Table 

28in Fire Pit Table 50,000 BTU Wicker Propane w/ Faux Wood Tabletop & Cover $199.99

Unique Propane Gas Column 

Mainstays 28-inch Tall Column Propane Gas Outdoor Fire Pit $147

A Patio Set for Outdoor Seating

As with any gathering space, you need some seating to make sure all guests are comfortable. Not only that, but you might also probably want an outdoor table space for drinks, food, plates, and even dining seating if you really want to spruce up your patio.

I found a wide range of options so you can pick the best seating arrangement to create a cozy outdoor living room.

Six-Piece Conversational Set 

Better Homes & Gardens Hadley 6-Piece Conversation Set $898

Three-piece Sofa and Nesting Table 

Better Homes & Gardens River Oaks 3-Piece Sofa & Nesting Table Set with Patio Cover $698

Four-Piece Wicker Conversation Patio Set 

4-Piece Outdoor Wicker Conversation Patio Set w/ 4 Seats, Glass Table Top $319

Coffee table Ideas

If you already have your seating secured, and/or just want some extra table space, then coffee tables can be a great addition to your patio space. You have a lot of flexibility here, as you can pick from many different materials and sizes.

I did my best to offer you a couple of different options that I think will fit many different budgets and layouts.

Wicker Accent Tables 

All-Weather Wicker Haines Outdoor Accent Tables Set Of 2 $189.99  

Simple + Stunning Wooden Coffee Table 

Manor Park Wood Outdoor Coffee Table with Chevron Design $107.99

Iron Coffee Table 

Petra Rectangle Iron Patio Coffee Table $84.99

Lounge Chairs

Now on top of your more standard seating options like couches and upright back chairs, you might want to add some more leisure seating. These are great for laying back to read your favorite book, or getting a nice tan on a sunny day! Adding some lounge chairs to your outdoor space is a great choice, and with some smart shopping, you can even grab some for a great price.

I found some strong contenders for lounge chairs, covering price ranges that you might want to take advantage of!

Eucalyptus Folding Swing Lounger 

Eucalyptus Folding Swing Lounger 3 Piece Outdoor Set $579

Rattan Lounge Chair 

2PCS Patio Rattan Lounge Chair $267.99

Reclining Steel Chaise Lounge

Mainstays Sand Dune Reclining Steel Outdoor Chaise Lounge – Set of 2 $164

Side Table

If a coffee table requires a little more room than you can give, then you might be looking to add a side table to your patio setup. They’re great for tying a living space together (even indoors) and on top of having more room for drinks and plates, you can even look to add plants and other décor on a small table like this. No matter your budget or style, I hope one of these will spark your interest!

Wicker Patio Side Table

Outdoor Wicker Patio Side Table Accent Furniture w/ Umbrella Hole $99.99

Lightweight Concrete Side Table

Outdoor Lightweight Concrete Side Table $98

Beautiful Acacia Wood End Table

Acacia Wood Outdoor Patio End Table $71.99

Outdoor Dining Table

A dining table is no doubt one of the more expensive pieces you could add to your outdoor space, but it could be a wonderful addition. Not everyone will use their outdoor space for dining, but if you do then you’ll want to have a reliable dining table that can seat many friends and family!

Outdoor dining tables are another area where you have a lot of options for materials, sizes, and extra features, with different sets offering extendable tables, cushions, and more!

You will have to narrow down the size, type, and style you are looking for, which is why I’ve included a nice range of options to showcase these different price points and features.

Dark Brown Extendable Dining Table 

Manor Park 6-Piece Extendable Outdoor Patio Dining Set $922.99

Gray Five-Piece Dining Set 

Hartford Gray 5-Piece Outdoor Dining Set with Cushions $532

Seven-Piece Back Steel Dining Set 

Laurel Oaks 7-Piece Black Steel Outdoor Patio Dining Set $799

String Lights

Outside of the big main pieces of furniture like your seating and table options, you will also want to add some other décor to add to the comfort and ambiance of your patio space.

Outdoor lighting is one of my favorite ways to brighten up a patio space. It provides ample lighting without a harsh patio light!  For these, you’ll need to take into account how much area you need to cover with your lights. To help with this, I included some options for a variety of sizes of lights.

Incandescent String Lights

Mainstays 20-Count Indoor Outdoor Incandescent String Lights $13.26

100-Feet String Lights 

Outdoor String Lights 100ft with 52 Waterproof Shatterproof Bulbs $46.92

48 Feet Vintage Bulbs 

48 FT Outdoor String Lights Edison Vintage Bulbs $39.99

How do I make my small patio cozy?

Smaller patios may feel more difficult to work with – you have less space to work with, especially if you have ideal furniture in mind!  But small spaces can still look great and even feel a bit cozier with the right furniture and décor!  

To help you decide on some smaller patio options that can make the most of your space, let’s check out some creative ideas.

Small Patio Options

For small patio options, you’ll want to look for downsized versions of some of the key furniture items we covered earlier: seating, tables, and miscellaneous décor. To help point you in the right direction, I’ve included some examples below.

Bistro Sets

Bistro sets are a great way to add a seating area and table space to your patio, without taking up too much space. The pricing differences here will mostly come down to the quality of materials (Wicker chairs are durable but are still often cheaper than other materials) and if there are added features like storage, footrests, etc.

I tried to put together a good sampling of what you can expect at the various price points of the market.

Wicker Bistro Set 

5-Piece Outdoor Wicker Bistro Set w/ Side Storage Table $399

Rocking Wicker Bistro Set 

Vineego 3 Pieces Outdoor Bistro Set Rocking Wicker Chair $119

Willow Sage Wicker Bistro Set 

Better Homes & Gardens Willow Sage 3-Piece Bistro Set with Wicker Table $297

Patio Benches

If adding a bunch of chairs to your patio isn’t feasible, then you could still offer seating for many by looking towards bench seating. They have begun to get more creative by adding things like pullout middle tables or even a fully convertible design.

48-Inch Garden Bench 

48″ Patio Garden Bench $139.99

Industrial Metal Bench 

Windsor Metal Stack Patio Bench $88

Steel Beck with Middle Table 

Steel Bench for Outdoor Patio and Garden w/ Pullout Middle Table $179.99

Vertical Gardens

Greenery is always a nice touch to have in outdoor spaces, and if you don’t feel you have enough room for horizontal planters, then another option to consider is vertical gardens! 

With vertical gardens, you can mount them on unused walls, or even have them stood up in areas where wider furniture would be less ideal. It’s a great way to add some greenery, while saving space! 

Self-Watering Planter Box

Hassan Self-Watering Plastic Planter Box with Trellis $199.99

Elevated Planter with Trellis

Savannah Plastic Elevated Planter with Trellis $112.99

Eye-catching Wall Mounted Planter 

4 Box Wall Mounted Indoor/Outdoor Planter $149.99

How can I make my patio more attractive?

If you are looking to make your patio more attractive, consider any of my patio ideas as you design your outdoor space. Adding some of the furniture pieces or string lights are wonderful ways to make your patio space stand out!  

Just adding something like an outdoor rug or throw pillows to your seating is a great way to add comfort to your outdoor space. You can also get creative here by adding your own unique style touches.

There are so many great furniture options to pick from depending on your ideal material, texture, and design, but for a really eccentric aesthetic, you would have to look towards customization. But items like rugs, pillows, or even blankets are a great way you could add an eccentric design or a pop of color to a more standard patio space.

For more ideas on beautifying your outdoor and indoor living spaces, you can check out the rest of my blog. I cover the best design tips and product recommendations for your home! 

I recently shared my recommendations on some great porch swings, so go check that out if you’re interested and I hope my insight has helped you with some ideas for your patio!

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  1. I do think that wicker pieces are the best when it comes to patio furniture. It’s so versatile, and you really can’t go wrong with it. You can use it as a set and it makes your space feel elegant and earthy. However, there is definitely nothing wrong with mixing it with other materials as well. I think that because wicker as a material is so flexible, you don’t need to worry about it overpowering other pieces. I came across a chunky wicker sofa on WickerPark and it looked super comfortable that I reckon if I pair it with some string lights and some beige throw pillows it would make any patio be the main place in the house where people hang out.

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