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20 Beautiful Spring Wreaths for Your Front Door

I don’t know about you, but I am so excited for spring to come! The birds are finally singing again, we’re starting to see warmer weather, and it’s almost time to spend every day enjoying the sun. A perfect way to celebrate this new season is by adding a gorgeous spring wreath to your front door!

Spring wreaths with flowers and decorations are refreshing to see as the weather changes. That’s why I gathered some of my favorite wreaths to give you some shopping inspiration this year!

spring wreaths for front door

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What do you hang on the front door for spring?

There are many different ways to decorate your door for spring. You can hang a bright and fun sign, you can hang a basket of flowers (real or fake) or you can get a spring wreath! With so many new flowers in bloom and the bright themes that easter brings, you can make spring décor fit your style.

What can I use for a spring wreath?

If you want to take spring decorating into your own hands, you can create your own DIY wreath. You can find plain greenery wreaths (I’d suggest lambs ear for the lighter green) and decorate on top of it. Add some artificial flowers, ribbon, or decorative eggs to showcase the season. Or, you can start from scratch! Find an empty grapevine wreath or a metal ring to make an asymmetrical wreath, and decorate to your heart’s content! 

I’m still super proud of this gorgeous Easter Wreath I made last year for our front entryway.

Of course, you can also buy a wreath that fits your home décor. Fresh wreaths are a great way to celebrate the blooming flowers. But I’ve also gathered 20 artificial wreaths you can buy and use year after year if that is more your style!

How long do fresh spring wreaths last?

If you choose to go with a fresh spring wreath, remember that they truly only last one season. Direct sunlight can dry out your wreaths, and they can brown faster. But, if they avoid sunlight, they can last up to eight weeks on your front door! 

Where to buy Spring Wreaths

If you’re on the hunt for artificial wreaths, you have come to the right place! I have gathered some of my favorite finds from Bed Bath and Beyond, JCPenny, and of course Etsy. Artificial wreaths can be expensive! But Walmart and Amazon are wonderful places to search for affordable options.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite budget-friendly decorative spring wreaths for the front door!

Bright green is one of the best parts about spring – from the newly green grass to the freshly blooming trees. Why not emulate that on your front door?

spring wreaths for front door

Eucalyptus and Succulent Wreath from Kohls $29.74

These leaves are dynamic and fun, and the beautiful blooms can really show some character on your front door!


spring wreaths for front door

Orang Dahlia Wreath from PlanClient: $31.85

This “Hello” sign in the middle makes a wonderfully welcoming front door wreath, and it has a subtle pop of color that’s just so fun!

spring wreaths for front door

Hydrangea Wreath from Walmart: $34.79

This beautiful wreath is perfect for a farmhouse-style home, as it keeps the green and brown earthy tones while having a pop of spring with some flowers! 

spring wreaths for front door

Green Spring Wreath from Walmart: $28.73

I fell in love with this sunflower wreath because it looks like a sunflower basket! It has a cute bow on top and pops of green throughout, making it perfect for spring. 

spring wreaths for front door

Sunflower Wreath from Walmart: $16.98

With the light pink flowers dispersed throughout, this gorgeous wreath provides a subtle yet uplifting welcome to spring. 

spring wreaths for front door

Cherry Blossom Wreath from Bed Bath and Beyond: $97.99

What better way to welcome in spring than with a gorgeous wreath full of bright fruit!

spring wreaths for front door

Lemon Wreath from Belk $47.60

But, if you are looking for that classic floral spring look, tulips are the way to go! 

spring wreaths for front door

Pink Tulip Wreath from Michaels: $35.99

Decorated with small sunflowers and ribbon throughout, this neutral-toned wreath might be for you!

spring wreaths for front door

Small Sunflower Wreath from Bed Bath and Beyond: $40.99.

This wreath is full of the most luscious pink flowers and a variety of greenery spray. I love unique finds like this on Etsy!

spring wreaths for front door

Peony wreath from Etsy: $40.70

This is the first wreath to start my amazon kick! Not only does this have fun butterflies, but it also lights up! 

spring wreaths for front door

Light Up Butterfly Wreath from Amazon: $21.99

A lavender wreath is wonderful to add a natural spring look to your door! 

spring wreaths for front door

Lavender Wreath from Amazon: $39.99

This is another perfect combination of pink and green for spring! 

spring wreaths for front door

Pink floral and Green Wreath from Amazon: $40.99

I found another beautiful hydrangea wreath with some subtle hints of white and green mixed in.

spring wreaths for front door

Pink Hydrangea Wreath from Michaels: $59.99

Last but not least of the hydrangeas, these full hydrangea wreaths are just beautiful for spring-  Simple, yet stunning! 

spring wreaths for front door

Full Hydrangea Wreath from Etsy shop HomeBeautyDecor: $42.00

Another wonderful Etsy finds – a simple lamb’s ear ring, and a “hello” ribbon to welcome your guests! 

spring wreaths for front door

Lamb’s Ear Peony Wreath from Etsy shop LifeInPetals: $49.95

I loved this unique take on a spring wreath, with flowers made out of wood! 

spring wreaths for front door

Wooden Floral Wreath from Kohls: $29.99

I think this pink magnolia wreath, branches and all, has so much character!

spring wreaths for front door

Pink Magnolia Wreath from JCPenny: $34.99

This citrus and floral wreath is so fun! 

spring wreaths for front door

Tangerine and Cabbage Rose Wreath from Kohls: $38.24

And last but not least, I wanted to share this fun bunny-shaped wreath, perfect for easter! 

spring wreaths for front door

Bunny Shaped Wreath from Bed Bath and Beyond: $53.99

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