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An Easy Fall Wreath To Make For Autumn

This easy to make fall wreath is a great way to get the high end Pottery Barn look on a budget. And the perfect idea to coordinate your front door decor for fall!

easy fall wreath to make

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I love when a DIY project comes together so effortlessly. Bonus points since I didn’t even have any intention of making my own fall wreath this season!

I had plenty to choose form in our basement storage (home decor hoarder problems). But when I put my magnolia wreath up on the front door it totally clashed with the pretty garland I bought last fall.

So, plan B.

an easy fall wreath to make that matches your garland

I love the look of the matching garland and wreath sets at Pottery Barn, but my wallet, not so much.

So I figured I could DIY my own version for a lot less.

easy fall wreath to make

I was super lucky that Michaels had my garland back in stock again this season. So I snagged a couple of strands and got to work dismantling one of my old fall wreaths.

easy fall wreath to make

wreath supplies

easy fall wreath to make

how to assemble your wreath

step 1 – lay it out

I got super lucky that my garland wrapped around my wreath in a full circle and was just the perfect length. I laid it out to test it before I started making the wreath.

easy fall wreath to make

So before you get started assembling your wreath, make sure that the garland you chose will wrap around the diameter of your wreath at least one time meeting end to end. A 6 foot garland will work perfectly for a 24″ wreath.

step 2 – add your first garland strand

I loved using this chain link garland because it made it so easy to secure to my grapevine wreath with some simple floral wire.

easy fall wreath to make

Using 4 inch strips of floral wire, start by securing an end of your garland chain to one of the thicker stems of your grapevine wreath.

I simply wove it under one of the branches and twisted it to my garland similar to how you tie up a loaf of bread with a twisty tie.

easy fall wreath to make

Working around the outer edge of your wreath, continue securing your garland to the grapevine branches every 4 – 6 inches.

easy fall wreath to make

It’s important that you go around the outer edge of the wreath first in order to get a full layered look in the end.

easy fall wreath to make

Notice how sparse this wreath looks with only one strand? Once we add in the second layer of garland it’ll have a much fluffier and fuller look to it.


Now you’re ready to add in your second and final layer of garland to your wreath. Pretty easy so far right?

easy fall wreath to make

I laid mine out again before attaching it just to get a visual of what the finished wreath might look like. So much fuller!

easy fall wreath to make

Continue attaching your second strand of garland just like the first one, only this time work your way around the inner circle of your wreath.

step 4 – fluff and finish

Once you’ve finished attaching all of your garland you’ll want to take a step back to notice any bare spots or areas where the chain links might be a bit too visible.

To fix these spots just fluff some of the leaves to loosen them from behind the chain links, and gently bend them towards the front of the wreath to cover it.

easy fall wreath to make

Such a super easy and inexpensive way to match your wreath to your garland! And if I weren’t wrangling pesky kittens in and out of these shots I could easily created this gorgeous wreath in about 10 minutes.

So what do you think of this look?! Click here to see the full fall porch reveal!

easy fall wreath to make

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  1. I love your account and am so happy I found you! Your fall decor is beautiful and I can’t wait to try this! Thank you so much for the beautiful inspiration and tutorials! 🍂🍂🍂

  2. When using old grapevine wreaths, check them for wood beetles At first it will look like a dark spot, then you will see white.
    I try to spray my wreaths with a clear spray paint.
    Look the look and how it matches.

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