Why I’m over the Gray Paint Trend and 8 White Paint Colors I’m Currently Crushing On

Find out if gray paint is going out of style in 2022 and learn all about everyone’s new favorite neutral wall color.

Fun Fact. We’ve been in our home almost 2 years now. And in that short time we’ve managed to re-paint nearly 70 percent of our home, in you guessed it….the color GRAY. But as we’ve grown into our new house I’ve started to get really tired of gray walls.

Wouldn’t you love to see the look on my husband’s face when I told him recently that I didn’t really care for the gray trend anymore and wanted to go all white?!

is gray paint going out of style 2019

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Let’s just say I’m lucky he’s so patient with all my crazy ideas.

But I totally don’t expect him to help me out in repainting all of these walls. Pretty sure I’m on my own there.

Let’s dive into all your questions about the gray paint trend to see what’s popular now and what’s on its way out in the home design world.

Is gray paint going out of style in 2022?

I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for this, but yes, the Gray paint colors we’ve come to see all over are just one of those decorating trends that are on its way out.

It’s beginning to feel like the decade of beige walls where we all opted for that neutral tan paint color that we thought went with EVERYTHING.

And like all good things, this popular color too must come to an end.

Sorry to burst your bubble Fixer Upper fans.

But the majority of designers are steering away from the cool grays when choosing a color palette. They’re moving on to much warmer neutrals that can lend themselves easily to a variety of textures within natural materials, and elements of nature as we start to bring more of the outdoors inside our homes.

Does this mean all gray paints are off the table?

Not at all. In fact new gray paint trends are finding a way to incorporate this versatile color in warmer shades and it’s something to take notice!

What Colors are Replacing Gray?

Now don’t get me wrong. I still love a good gray paint color, and I even have it as an accent wall in my teenager’s bedroom. And I think the move toward more moodier grays is here to stay in masculine and even modern spaces.

But in recent years it’s been making a much bigger statement when accenting architecture, like on molding or millwork.

And we’re actually seeing a reversal within a whole home color scheme.

Many homeowners are starting to opt for warm grays throughout their homes. Using it one items like trim work or swapping out their beloved white cabinets for light greiges and other warmer tones really adds visual interest in unexpected places, and we’re here for it!

Just check out this gorgeous trim work below.

is gray paint going out of style 2019

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that this home from my friend Chelsea is absolutely stunning. The light gray painted trim really pops against the creamy white walls and naturally draws the eye up making the walls actually appear taller.

These warmer colors of gray tend to have a lot of earthy tones in them, making them the perfect option for a neutral color scheme that won’t fall flat.

This is just one of the many design trends I’m loving in her new home.

Why I’m loving White Paint for Interior Walls in 2020

White paint colors are no longer dedicated just to ceilings, trim or kitchen cabinets. Different shades of white are making their presence known by interior designers and bloggers looking for a fresh go-to neutral color.

And what’s a more obvious neutral than white?

From the warm creamy undertones, to the bold cooler shades of white paint, they literally go with anything in and tend to make your home decor pieces and furniture truly stand out.

Not to mention, they have an amazing way of making any space feel clean and new again.

And what’s a more obvious neutral paint than white?

From the warm creamy undertones, to the bold cooler shades of white paint, they literally go with anything in your home. And they have an amazing way of making any space feel clean and new again.

Are White Walls in Style for 2022?

White on white paint combinations for entire room are nothing new in the design world. We’ve seen this color scheme around for decades in plenty of modern and contemporary spaces. But today’s whites feel softer, and more cozy. Making them a perfect option for everyday living spaces.

While many color trends will come and go, you can count on shades of white paint to remain a timeless classic in any element of your home.

Which white is the best for walls?

Well, all of them really.

But just like any paint color, there’s both an art and science to choosing the perfect one. It all comes down to what you’ll be putting inside the room you plan to paint, as well as the different shades or undertones that make up the white paint colors.

While you might think that choosing a white paint color would be easy, I can promise you it’s anything but. Because of its high light reflective value (LRV), white paint tends to play off its surrounding elements.

This makes it easy to pick up shades in your furniture and decor that you may not want to emphasize.

It’s always a good idea to test out your white paint color on various walls of a room. Take note throughout different times of the day how the color picks up different undertones.

Every paint color has an undertone to it. And it’s common for many white colors to show green, yellow and even blue undertones depending on how it’s paired against your furniture, flooring and other tones in your home.

What may look beautiful on Pinterest may not be the right fit for your particular room. So take your time in selecting and testing out the right shade for you.

But here are a few ideas to get you started to picking the right one.

Cool White Paint Colors

Pure White by Sherwin Williams

Jacki from Crazy Life with Littles jumped on the white wall trend train with her white on white kitchen design. You can always count on a classic white paint color to look timeless against stainless steel kitchen appliances..

is gray paint going out of style 2019

This pure white paint color with a hint of gray makes the perfect color combination with her Sherwin Williams Naval painted island.

If you’re afraid to dip your toes in the water of white paint, then this color makes a great option with its cooler gray undertones.

Benjamin Moore Oxford White

is gray paint going out of style 2019

This is another pure white paint color option. Lia from Southern Yankee DIY used this cooler shade in her new son’s nursery to accent the board and batten walls against a pop of blue for a fun contrast.

Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace

Rebecca from Hello Central Avenue absolutely crushed her design goals in her master bedroom by giving her walls a fresh coat of this white paint with just a hint of grey in it.

is gray paint going out of style 2019

Remember what I said about using gray paint for other details in your home? Well she nailed it by pairing her white painted walls with her newly refinished gray dressers.

True White Paint Colors

Behr’s Ultra Pure White

is gray paint going out of style 2019

I love a good clean laundry room and Brittany from Five Little Bears totally brightened up this once dark space by painting her walls and trim with a truly pure white paint color.

Adding in some fun patterns with her tiled flooring and a pop of grey in the cabinetry makes this room feel anything but sterile.

Highly Reflective White from Sherwin Williams

is gray paint going out of style 2019

Kylie from Kylie M. Interiors knows a thing or two about white paint. And she swears that this shade of white is one of the truest white paint colors out there.

With no major undertones it has just a hint of color to take the stark white edge off and make this bedroom feel cozy and inviting.

Warm White Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore’s Simply White

This popular paint color made its debut as Benjamin Moore’s color of the year in 2016, and still reigns as a favorite neutral shade among designers everywhere.

Neutral Dining Room
how to make a master bathroom look expensive

If you’ve been following the blog, then you’ll remember that we painted our entire powder room last fall in this creamy white paint color and I’ve been in love ever since.

This off white paint color has the slightest hint of yellow to it which makes it a great warm option to brighten up rooms that lack a lot of natural light. I’m pretty sure that’s what made it the perfect choice for our tiny windowless powder room.

is gray paint going out of style 2019

I even have an entire review post here all about Benjamin Moore Simply White, and how to know if it’s a good pick for your house or room.

Benjamin Moore White Dove

I seriously love Jaclyn’s Home from One-Thousand Oaks. She used the creamiest shade of white paint to transform her entire house into a bright and warm vintage haven.

is gray paint going out of style 2019

I especially like how she pairs it with dark and moody colors on wall moldings for an extra touch of drama.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Kylie M. Interiors showed us again how the right shade of white can really make an overall’s room design.

is gray paint going out of style 2019

This creamy off white paint color has the subtlest hint of pink to it making it one of the more warmer toned paint colors.

After seeing all these gorgeous inspiration photos of white painted walls, you’re probably asking yourself this:

“Should I paint my walls white?”

Well, I’ll leave that one up to you, but don’t knock it till ya try it! I’ve spent the past year gradually transforming our walls using my favorite shade of white. Just remember to take your time in testing out your favorite shades. The right color can truly make or break a space.

But I realize that white walls aren’t for everyone, and that’s fine. I still love a touch of color too.

And ew muted shades are really making a statement and I rounded up some beautiful warm options that you might want to consider for your next paint project. Grab my free guide here to find some gorgeous colorful paint inspiration for your next project and let me know what you think in the comments below!

As for me…..I’ll just be over here painting away at white walls one room at a time. In fact, check out how I transformed our master bathroom on a budget using creamy white paint as the backdrop for the design.

Happy Painting!

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  1. It was really helpful when you talked about how white can come in different tones and shades. Having cooler shades of it can be great for our bathroom while using warmer tones can be great for sleeping areas like the living room and bedroom. I’ll work with a house painting expert so we can have the right choices when we paint the place.

  2. Thank you so much for showing off how to use white as the new go-to neutral color for houses. This could really change the way my entire house looks from top to bottom and bring in a sense of comfort it didn’t have before. Once I find a painting service expert in the area, I’ll definitely have them use a color palette utilizing white as the netural.

  3. Getting ready to give my family room a makeover. I was going to paint the walls a light grey. Two walls have large windows and my trim is white. Can I also paint the walls white?

    1. Hi Karen! I’d love to help you out with your paint selections. Feel free to e-mail me at Martina@thelivedinlook if you’d like to do a quick consult.

  4. Thank you for inspirational ideas for white paint. Planning to use Sherwin Williams Pure White flat for walls and ceiling. High ceilings with large windows, but have traditional furniture. If I wanted to warm up a traditional decor home what paint colour could I use?

    1. Hi Judy! If you have a lot of natural light I would aim for more of a creamy off white to warm up the space and go for an eggshell finish on the walls for just the smallest hint of sheen.

  5. I’m doing more and more white paint consultations. Gray is definitely going the way of beige. It all comes full circle, now it’s Whites time to shine again. Great post and colors choices!

    1. I totally agree with you! It really does come full circle. My aunt posted that she new white would be in style again so she left her walls white all this time. I almost cried laughing.

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