Revival Rugs Review 2022 – The Best Vintage Rugs Online

Ready to purchase an authentic vintage rug, but don’t know where to start? I’ve got you covered! This Revival Rugs Review breaks down everything you need to know to help you shop for the perfect vintage rug at an affordable price.

Revival Rugs Review

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I had a pinch me moment when Revival approached me to try out their rugs in my own home! For years, I drooled over the gorgeous traditional patterns in Turkish rugs, but never found something I could actually afford, or could really trust that it was high-quality product.

Revival is an online store that focuses on providing vintage rugs at an affordable price. One of their founders is from Turkey! 

And Turkey has an expansive history of producing some of the finest and most coveted rugs around the world. The rug work from a skilled artisan is something that a big-box store cannot replicate, and Revival wanted more people to be able to enjoy incredible pieces.

I’ve purchased plenty of “vintage looking” new rugs over the years, but nothing rivals the look and feel of the real thing. 

Some people may have some preconceptions when they hear the word “vintage”, but you don’t have to worry! By no means does an old rug mean that it’s not beautiful or clean. In fact, Revival takes great care in restoring these pieces to ensure they’re just as beautiful as the day they were created.

Most of these rugs were weaved decades ago (if not longer) by local artisans, and the quality of their construction ensures that they will last decades more.

One of a kind vintage rugs

Revival Rugs Review

The Revival team personally goes into local towns to handpick beautiful Turkish and Persian rugs. These one-of-a kind rugs are like a piece of art for your floors. They’re something to covet and will be a talking point in your home.

The rugs are then tumbled and cleaned. (You know those traditional techniques where you shake out a rug off the patio or hit a rug with a stick? Revival does that, but mechanically, and very thoroughly!).

They then trim any of the fuzz or frays that have accumulated over the years, so that they bring out a fresh, like-new layer of their natural fibers. 

The rugs are then cleaned, re-dyed to enhance their original design, and hung to dry!

The personal care of these vintage pieces is truly unmatched, and something I could never find from other retailers. And their already time-tested quality makes me feel comfortable that I can rely on these rugs for a long time.

And it’s not just me who notices their appeal, I’ve already had friends over asking about these “new” rugs and where they could purchase something similar. These vintage rugs truly are conversation pieces, just like any art you might hang on a wall.

Looking for a specific rug?

Revival has so many unique options, it took me some time to narrow down my favorite rugs. And I’m obsessed with how The Olimpija Runner,  Eeva, and Aivi look in my home.

Revival Rugs Review
Revival Rugs Review

Revival has an immersive online shopping experience too. I found myself reading the back story on each of the rugs I was eyeing.

When you’re shopping online for vintage rugs, you don’t know how the rug is going to feel, or exactly how it may look in your room. But have no fear. Revival has approached their online shopping experience with a lot of care and consideration for the customer, especially new ones.

Revival’s site has neatly categorized its selection to make your browsing experience as simple as possible. If you see a rug that you especially like, Revival has a tool that helps you “try it on” virtually. This way, you can get a better idea of what the rug looks like in your home. 

Something, thing to keep in mind is that these rugs are truly limited edition. So, when you’re browsing through Revival’s handmade rugs you might come across a rug that you really like but is sold out. No worries. Revival has accounted for this scenario as well.

On the product page for a particular rug, there is an option to “Shop Similar” models, where they will analyze the rug you’re viewing and provide you with a selection that closely matches. So you can still find another beautiful rug that may offer a similar feeling for you.

These rugs are sturdy! But in case you like to be sure they stay in place, and you would like to protect your rug and floor, they also conveniently allow you to add a rug pad as a bundle when you are purchasing your rug.

Whether you are looking for an area rug, a runner, or even larger size rugs, Revival has you covered. 

Revival Rugs Return Policy

Returns, they happen to everyone. You find an item that seems ideal online, and when it arrives, the sizing is a little off, or it doesn’t look quite like how you expected.

Rugs won’t be an exception to this. And if you purchase one, you may discover that you aren’t as satisfied when it arrives. Revival knows that you may need another chance to find your perfect rug, which is why they made an easy-to-understand return policy.

They’re dedicated to making their return process as easy as possible for everyone. On the off chance that your purchase isn’t what you were expecting, you can return it within 7 calendar days. If you’re in the Continental US, they provide a prepaid shipping label to send it back, and only request a $20 fee per rug to help cover some of the costs for restocking and shipping.

I have been thrilled with the rugs that I have received from Revival, and their online shopping experience is so helpful that I don’t imagine many people will find themselves needing to make a return at all. But in the rare case that happens, it is comforting to have a business that is dedicated to making it hassle-free.

Revival Rugs Discount Code

For how simple Revival had made rug shopping for me, they are extending that generosity to my readers here as well.

If you’re looking for the perfect rug to transform or tie together your living space, Revival is offering a $40 off discount code to help you save even more money on their already great offers. Simply sign up with your e-mail address to save!

I am so thrilled to have partnered with Revival to be able to give you a first-hand look at their unique character and amazing customer service.

It’s such a comfort knowing that I invested in something sustainable and how much personal care was put into each rug.

I love knowing that I truly have a one-of-a kind, great quality piece. 

I am incredibly glad that I got the opportunity to own these products.

Have a question about my experience with Revival? Drop me a comment below. I love hearing from you, and yes, I do respond to every single one!

In the meantime, if you need some advice or tips on finding the right area rug for your home, check out my post “Four Common Area Mistakes and How to Avoid Them”! I hope my tips and tricks help you find the perfect rug soon! 

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